Best Summer Ever

In-Person &Virtual Summer Camp

June 15 to July 24th 2020

It’s Never Too Early to Start Learning

At Fairmont Private School of Fresno, we focus on the social, physical, emotional & academic development of your child. Our program is specially designed for children between the ages of Toddler & Kindergarten. Whether you choose our virtual program or in-person program your child will have the same Fairmont learning experience!



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At Fairmont, we want to start cultivating a love for science by encouraging children to be curious & ask questions, often involving experimentation & sensory activities so they use their senses to try and understand the world around them.


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Technology actually refers to using simple tools, not just electronics. A tool is something that a person engineered or designed to make a job easier, that can be crayons and rulers, as well as microscopes and computers. 


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Kids want to explore how and why things work the way they do!

Engineering is a way for children to design create & build things that work, it's an introduction to problem-solving and creative thinking. 


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Art encourages creativity & allows children to illustrate the concepts they are learning & allows them to express what they know & feel before they can read or write.

Early art experiences develop the foundation for innovation and problem solving.


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Children learn about numbers, operations, measurement, patterns, geometry and spatial relationships through informal play. They use math concepts when building with blocks, working in the garden, playing store, and collecting rocks.


Camp Highlights

Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math are part of daily life.  This summer we will explore these subjects through play, literature, discussions, experiments, creative arts, & more play!